Be the leader of your life and business

Be the leader of your life and business

If I asked you, “want is the life you want?”, would you be able to answer this? In 2018, I asked myself this, and it was hard

I know there are people who are absolutely brilliant at setting out their goals, managing their time, stepping over obstacles, focusing on the vision, always looking beautiful, handsome, eating well, sleeping, meditating, succeeding. Preaching the gospels of their incredible life, we follow them, as maybe there is a chance we can be like them

They have and giving us all the illusion of being in control of every part of their lives. I admire there people hugely, I follow them on Instagram, I read the books, and you know what… they make me feel like shit!

My great moment this year was when I said “this is my life, my business and I am going to lead it my way”.

Wow, what an immediate feeling of freedom this gave me. I realised that the messages of all those I was admiring; didn’t all add up to the life I wanted to be, or the person I was. I had my own values, my own dreams, my own choices of things I would sacrifice in order to achieve my own version of success and happiness

Once we cross this enormous chasm of ‘social media’ stars and stop comparing and stop trying to be everything, we can then be free to work out what we want, who we are and what makes us whole.

This year has taken me on the most amazing journey, I now share that in my book, being Published in January 2019. I am open, honest, I share my falls and I share my healing. My desire is to be a torch bearer of the way to take control of your life and business and live it the way you want to.

Being in control, this is freedom. First you have to take off the chains of comparison and then replace them with wings, then you are ready to fly.