Update on the Resources for Readers of Business is Personal

This is a dynamic Blog in which I will be adding new information in the form of people, websites, articles, TEDTalks etc to add to the content I feel would hep the reders of my book, Business is Personal. I am very keen to promote the information that I learn from and enjoy and therefore the originators of this information.

It is in addition to the information I want to reference that is in my book, all captured here

Chapter One Update – Business is Personal

Chapter Two Update – Being Broken is Personal

Chapter Three Update – You are in exactly the right place in your life

Chapter Four Update- Being alone but not lonely

Chapter Five Update- Healing is Personal

Bullying in the work place 

Bullying Helpline  

Chapter Five Update – Emotional and Mental Health is Personal

How stress affects the mind  

How to minimise stress interview withSarah Alexander on Business Connections LIVE  

Chapter Seven Update – Making Time for change is Personal

Chapter Eight Update – Spiritual Habit is Personal

Chapter Nine Update – Your Physical Wellbeing is Personal

Beginners Guide to Intermittent fasting

What intermittent fasting does to the body and brain – a facebook video

Report on Sleep by Steve Robinson- Founder of We Sell Sleep

Chapter Ten Update – The Value you Place on Yourself is Personal

Chapter Eleven Update – Skills are Personal

Chapter Twelve Update – Your Future is Personal