1st January 2014, a huge thank you to Ecademy Members -Penny Power #OBE!

1st January 2014, a huge thank you to Ecademy Members

It is with the most enormous amount of pride that I can announce here that I have been awarded an OBE in the 2014 New Years Honours list.

It is quite unbelievable for me to receive this and in order to give this context and the right level of respect I have to thank all the amazing members of Ecademy that made it possible for Glenn, Thomas and I to experience running the special business community that we were privileged to build and nurture for 14 years

The citation for my OBE is as follows – New Years Honours List 2014

 Founder, Ecademy. For services to Entrepreneurship in Social and Digital Development

I believe this award is shared with Thomas Power and Glenn Watkins and the amazing team we had working with us namely Julian Bond, Sophia Watkins, Anna Figiel and William Buist and to the vast number of Ecademy Members that showed huge loyalty and belief in Ecademy and whom still write to us and say how much they miss the Ecademy family.

I am in danger of making this Blog sound like a speech but I would like to mention our amazing children, Hannah -21, Ross -19 and TJ 16, they have spent their entire lives listening to Thomas and I talk about Ecademy, communities, connecting and geek talk and are so supportive and loving about it. Many of you know the Ecademy journey was not easy, they have moved house more times than we can count, lived with my parents when things got really tough and we all moved in there and generally shown us the most incredible love. Also my dad who loves to support and talk about what matters to us and has inspired me over and over again, and my poor mum who is unwell now and not able to take in this exciting news, but I know she would have been so proud.

I am loving life and the new businesses that Thomas and I are involved in, Digital Youth Academy, Scredible, Social Outsourcing and Digital Business Britain, but the memory and the love of Ecademy stays with us daily. This OBE will constantly remind me of the learning, the challenges and the extraordinary experience Ecademy gave me and the platform it has now given me to continue the commitment I hold to help all businesses and all individuals evolve into this connected world.

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