Do you want to get involved in getting or giving Digital Skills to others?


I spend my time as a networker, this is a key part of my life, and I join up dots and see opportunities, I see the gaps. Over the past 3 years I have learned how to join up the gaps in ‘funded skills programs’ which has enabled me to place young people into work and to provide ‘free’ training to small businesses, all around the subject of digital skills.

The past 16 years have been a test of my tenacity and passion (sound familiar?) and I sense now that the need for digital skills is reaching a point whereby those that don’t have the skills are very worried and those that have it and want to pass it onto others, are being well paid and reaching a saturation point in their own capacity. Is this a demand outstrips supply scenario? Soon will be I believe.

The issues of above

  1. If you need it, who do you trust and how do you pay for it?
  2. If you have the skills and can train others how do you build a business beyond your own time capacity?


So looking at each of these.

  1. You need more skills and not sure where to turn

If you employ less than 250 people you are eligible for a Funded Program called Skills Support for the Workforce. Here is a link to this, a bit heavy, so if you want to know how to access Digital Skills Training and not pay for it, contact me (details below).

Secondly, you can have a website built for you fo free, under a program that Digtal Youth Academy are doing to give Work Experience and a Qualification to 16-24 year olds, called Youth web Builder. I have used this and it is amazing, my new Company website has been built by a young person on this 2 week program. Contact me below and I will connect you

Finally, you can hire a Social Digital Apprentice – they will work for one year, under a great Apprenticeship and set up all your social network, run your website, (create one – as above) and also provide analytics and SEO – contact me, see below

  1. You have Social Media Training Skills and would like to get involved

I am creating a list by town/city of Social Trainers and selecting those that I feel have credibility and passion and critically understand that social marketing is very different to the traditional transactionally led campaigns. If you are a Social Media trainer, please Tweet me or email me (details below) and I would like to invite you into a Group on FaceBook, I want to be able to share more of the opportunities I see. I also feel that associations between people would help with increasing capacity of sole trading trainers.

There are so many programs being created now with Local Enterprise partners, cabinet office Funding, BIS Funding, so get in touch with me if this is of interest to you

If you would like to know more, I can be reached on Or  you can follow/contact/chat to penny on Twitter @pennypower.

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