My beliefs and values around Social Networking

In November 2009, I wrote this poem. I felt so passionate about the opportunities of the social world and had been running Ecademy for 11 years with Thomas Power and Glenn Watkins

I re-read it today, while creating some material for Scredible. I found it really interesting to see how my life has gone in the past 5 years since I had these thoughts come to me, written in about 10 minutes, sitting on a train, they came to me. I thought I would share it here with you. It might give meaning to why you invest so much time in FB and Twitter and why ‘friendship’ is important to you.

You can download the pictorial version on my Front Page

When I understood Social Networking I……

Understood myself and who I was
I learned what my value was
I learned my unique value

I looked outwards
I understood others and who they are
I became open with my thoughts, my actions and my heart
I became random with my ideas and connections

I became supportive in my intentions to others
I shared my thoughts, dreams and plans openly
I shared my knowledge widely
I supported other peoples dreams

I liked meeting new people
I loved meeting people that weren’t like me
I stopped judging and started to listen

I allowed my world to be bigger
I felt I was no longer alone
I cared for others and others cared for me

I found new opportunities because
I learned to read better
And listen with intent
I woke up with purpose and intention
I felt people at the end of my keyboard as I typed

I realized I could write
I realized I could inspire others
I found my voice and
I learned to teach
I liked what I heard

I really deeply understood
What it meant to be connected
I understood I could feed others
As well as feed myself
I found that when I fed others
I could feed myself

I experienced serendipity
The ore people I knew and
The more knew me

I learned to trust again
I learned my strengths
I stopped worrying about my weaknesses
I learned how to adapt, survive and grow as a person

I learned to slow down
Notice my life
And others around me
I learned how to love my business life

I learned to master technology
So it served me and others
I could serve and support others in real time
On demand, globally

I changed my attitude to people and
became their friend
I changed my thoughts
I felt positive

I became stronger though my network
Self esteem became social esteem
Self worth became social worth
Everyone gained, not just me
I became stronger because I could see and feel my value to others

I became intuitive
I learned to listen with my heart
I realized being me is enough

I like myself, in fact, I am learning to love myself
Because others ‘like me’
I built my brand and I learned how to take care of it

I discovered my legacy
I realized that friendship is the most powerful force on earth
I cherished my network
I became happier

I felt a sense of freedom and relief
I became known, liked and followed

I became humane
I was richer in more ways than one

In this social world
Be a friend and watch business grow

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