Notes from Social Power in Business with @jobsworth – JP Rangaswami Chief Scientist at Salesforce session at #spib

I took these notes to share with the delegates of Social power in Business and those who couldn’t attend. I hope they help

I want to mention that Salesforce sponsored this event and made it possible for Thomas to bring Robert Scoble @scobleizer to London.

Thomas introduced JP he considers JP as a time traveler – balances tech commercial world with family and personal world brilliantly.

In this talk JP helped us all see that the new world is not really that new, it is just different. Reputation could always be damaged. We have always had onlookers and gossipers….

Authentic is not about painting yourself green and then believing you are green

Does B2B have a place in B2B

Brands cannot tell stories to brands. B2B environment is about becoming your own brand ambassador

You have many roles in your life as husband, wife, father, son, friend. Engagement between people. When you become personal the engagement takes place

Let’s look at the customer first. Welcome to the Internet of Customers

Unless we talk about customers first there is no Internet. Human beings have a voice

Salesforce rated as the No1 Innovative Company in the world.

Moving into 50 Billion Connected ‘things’ – in the Cloud – the Third Wave of Computing

The new way of being connected relies on the value of social in business. This is a renaissance of the old world

Good hotels always had an index box of their greatest customers and their preferences, this is not new, it is just different

Becoming a customer company, is not easy – two thirds of companies are unprepared for the next generation of apps

How do you become a customer company?

In the day and age we live in privacy is a scarcity. We live in an age when everyone in the world could be connected in our life time. This creates a lot of noise.

This means there will be corruption in the system and listening at scale is not easy. I

Idea of someone looking at what you are doing is not knew. What is new is not knowing who is looking at you

We live in a world where we can follow a complaint, a person, a company. Now easy to find out what your friends think about something.

Change in cultures always creates myths about what will happen. Second life will change first life. People online will not have an offline world. The reality is they merge. It is an AND not an OR

People on trains use to hide behind huge newspapers, now the have an ipad in front of them. Which is most off-putting?

Human beings were bon social, community matters. Relationships matter. JP shared the ‘social sharing sites’

Loves Flightcar, the concept of connected people sharing inventory

Loves AirBNB

Loves sharing home cooked meals

Social logins is an amazing way of sharing – your inventory of friends

Trust is the currency of everything that runs through this.. We live in the stream/feed, events come past us, related to things you subscribe to, or events you see adhoc. Living in the stream makes sense when you have context. Metadata is important to understand and embrace

Ability to route the Internet of everything. “if this then that”. This is trigger, that is the action, together they are the recipe for context

Mark Osborne from Salesforce joined the stage to demonstrate  @markorsborn

Discussed Salesforce One Global Application

War for talent is here. If you are not investing on the right tools you have an problem

Capturing things while they are happening.

Credible, trust worthy, instant way, that is what clients expect

Great demonstration of Salesforce1 by Mark Orsborn, thank you salesforce, @jobsworth -JP and Mark orsborn


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