Notes from #spib for delegates and those who couldn’t come to @scobleizer and @thomaspower event

I have taken these notes while listening to the first session with Robert Scoble @scobleizer at the TPL Event #spib (social power in business) – hope they make sense, great tips.

Different password for all 800 systems

Use Two-factor authentication

Your brand is representing your company and yourself and hacking messes up your life

At some level you really should be on all the major systems, Li, FB, G+

Have a clear mission about what you are trying to do yourself and for your company how do I work toward my goal”

Signaling – where are you heading

What is your story? All stories are different

My phone number is public – make it easy for people to engage and call

Tooling is not where I start, I start with what is the company story and where am I taking it,

How do I do something everyday to push that story forward

The world will help you get to where you want to go

I think about scale all the time, I hate email, it is hard to scale the message

Use tools of scale

#tags is a way to get scale and to get a follower

If I have 5 mins of time how can I get some scale from that time

Not enough to be one guy today.  It is hard to start out as a single person, – you have to build a ‘club’

You can scale with a club as they all talk about the same thing that you like to talk about

“How do I build a group of people that will be on my side” click like  #reciprocity

I don’t think a lot about stats and measurement, my only concern is are people clicking on the content I create?

Measure the important things and they will improve

Are you only talking about yourself?

How do you force people to tell  good story on your behalf?

The best brands are playing ‘offence’ and changing the conversation I the public world

Redbull has the crappiest product, no redeeming qualities to it, so they hack your brain into thinking it is a cool product, playing advanced branding games

How do you listen to your marketplace?

Redbull only put their rand (t-shirt) on Gods in our society, those that do extreme things, staff cannot wear their t-shirt

Let’s talk about tricks, tools to make ourselves more efficient #ITTT (if this then that)

Buffer-delay tweets, – I don’t use, but many do

Filters, messages in FB, few see it, the algorithm study what you do with my content, like, share, emotional reactions – then it goes #boom!!!

Twitter just added a Discover TAB on Twitter and they pick 10 things to show me and it is getting better


What do you want to talk about?

If you go to FB page and look at your friends

Have you categorized into Close Friends, Notifications, – created your filter?

This affects your filtering mechanism; Close Friends will show up more

I set my notifications to ensure I don’t get too much, I only want to see important stuff

Operating systems turning contextual – knowing what you are doing and change what you are seeing based on your current context… skiing, then show me things local from their et

Think about your INBOUND in a different way, if you do this wrong, you get crap coming to you

Build a relationship first before you try to friend me

Robert has hit the 5000 FB friends, I have that problem!

I can friend you if you send me a message first

‘what value does someone add to me’ if they want to friend or have me follow them?

Any time you do anything interesting in the world, you will have lovers and you will have haters –(oh boy I know that “no statues to the critics)

Take risk and do something! Tougher when employed as you can get fired so understand the internal culture , know that you are taking the risk and calculate it

What is your view on paying celebrities to tweet and endorse?


Celebrity is a strong story telling tool, I know how people react to celebrities,  they have a strong pull. BUT you have to use them in the right way and be transparent,  Brand Ambassadors get paid a lot but admit you are paying them!


The celebrity affect your story.. make sure they reflect your brand values.


Always know what your story is and be authentic with message, associations and be holistic with integrity. You are what you appear to be

Learn how to best tell the story. This is an important strategy

Kids new that when the parents joined FB their world changed! Snapchat comes along to solve some of their issues around what the kids want to share. People now screenshot the Snapchat – which is really wrong – integrity issue around who shared it with you

We all need to have moments when we can share things that the person you send it to won’t share it on.

Anyone in B2B doing a good job? – audience asked, delegates couldn’t think about anyone

Robert has spent last 18 months really doing FB. Google+ is where I post, but FB is where I engage and do business development. Robert just got a $1m deal for Rackspace on FB last week

Effort on FB took Robert’s FB followers to 600,000 – Robert believes FB is B2B.

Robert will show us how to have family photo’s private but be public



















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