Social Influence now a priority for execs

I am thrilled to watch and listen to this Video interview between Sandy Carter – IBM’s Social Evangelist and the great Mark Schaefer.

If you know anyone who is not convinced that ‘being social’ is critical for their career then get them to watch this and take it seriously

Nuggets like:

1. Social Influence is having a greater role in our personal and business lives

2. “Those with a Klout Score of under 60 need not apply to our company”

3. Companies now wanting to know at interview stage ‘how well are you networked and how well are you influencing others

4. Companies rewarding their staff for sharing information when they used to reward for ‘hoarding it’

5. Social Value to your employers is becoming a key factor in career advancement

6. IBM now seeing their clients giving a ¢value for proof of social influence

Love it, this is this the shift and now the BIG challenge is capacity building for Social Media Trainers – rock-on Scredible!!!! On the money guys!

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