Social Media Experts – I don’t think so- oh goodness!

I don’t often rant. I am kind of known for being nice and supportive and not too opinionated, however. …

I have spent today deeply researching Skills for Scredible to access.

I am seeking skilled Social Media Experts that we could pay around £1500 a day to deliver training for us

We want

1. Socially Credible people
2. People who understand that Social Credibility is about who you are as a person and what you share
3. People who understand that they can influence others and know in what way they would like to achieve this
4. People who have a VOICE and know how to elevate it

This is so we can grow a community of Associates and enable them to scale their businesses and support one another so that being Freelance doesn’t mean you can only sell your own time. The really good experts are now hitting their own personal capacity.

The result today is so disappointing, when I searched those who have ‘Social Media Expert’ in their Biog

1. Few have decent photo of themself (some use a logo or a silly photo)
2. Few use their personal name
3. Most are Broadcasting-not engaging
4. Few are sharing good knowledge
5. Few have a Klout Score of over 45
6. Few look professional enough for me to take them into a client to represent me

So, to look at this from a positive angle

1. We (Scredible) have an opportunity to serve this industry by training them (arrogant – yes- but true!)

2. We have an opportunity to really help the good ones elevate themselves and earn more

3. We have an opportunity to teach them Scredible and the tools so that we can help them achieve their intentions and find their voice

The tough bit is, I wasn’t expecting to have to do this part, but now I know, then I will do!

love and hugs to all those who share this frustration, please do contact me. The UK needs Social Digital Skills and I want to find a way to make this achievable

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