Update on the Resources for Readers of Business is Personal

This is a dynamic Blog in which I will be adding new information in the form of people, websites, articles, TEDTalks etc to add to the content I feel would hep the reders of my book, Business is Personal. I am very keen to promote the information that I learn from and...

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My message to teenagers at a Graduation Ceremony

I delivered a talk to an amazing group of Graduates on 26th November 2018. They were graduating from a Further education College called North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College.  Hired as the keynote, I was quite in awe when i arrived at the event and saw...

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Time to grieve your business loss

Tonight I am speaking at Google Campus in London about the experience of building a business that I loved and then seeing it die. The event run by Google is called “StartUp Funerals” I am proud to have been asked to do this as the learning achieved when you go through...

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I am back! Coming back from broken

Coming back from being broken.. ... This year I decided to focus on rebuilding myself after years of ignoring exhaustion, stress, loss and disappointment. Overtime, unaware of it, I was losing a lot of confidence and feelings of self worth and so I retreated. I needed...

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How often do you feel you lack?

I wonder how often you go online and are left with a feeling of lack. Noticing and judging yourself against all the things that you see online that others seem to be achieving. The emotions can be one of feeling you lack knowledge, skills, relationships, joy, money,...

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Be the leader of your life and business

Be the leader of your life and business If I asked you, “want is the life you want?”, would you be able to answer this? In 2018, I asked myself this, and it was hard I know there are people who are absolutely brilliant at setting out their goals, managing their time,...

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