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Do you have moments of despair in business, feelings that it is overwheming, that running your own business or building your career is an emotional and mental challenge? I believe if we can manage our emotions and our minds then we can overcome most challenges with positivilty, acceptance and keep a clear head.

I have been leading conversations about business-wellness since 1998 when I created a community called Ecademy where my idea was to create friendship in business within the online community I founded.
Ecademy predated LinkedIn by four years and the unique culture, created globally through 650,000 business owners, was of friendship in business, helping each other to connect, learn and thrive together. My blog written in 2002 was how “Emotional Wealth leads to Financial Wealth” and triggered my speaking career as well as my strong belief around this subject, the reaction was powerful.

I continued to promote how we should use social media and social networking to grow self-esteem and confidence and build social capital around who you are not what you do.

Now, in 2019 I am launching my latest book, “Business is Personal”. Within my words, I have  shared my own story of being broken, the broken days that turned into a broken week, month and then a year of repair. I share the reality of business, the destructive nature of the Internet world and discuss the issues of the‘ compare and despair’ world, that not only impacts the mental health of teenagers, but very much impacts the self-employed and small business owners.

I constantly seek to encourage a world where we are more aware of ourselves and our own personal desires for success, ambition and happiness and encourage the reader to lead their lives the way they want to rather than being influenced and potentially destroyed by the lives being promoted online. I also discuss the ways I learned to be more aware of my emotional triggers, triggers that we all have.

My insights are real, raw and honest and are well aligned for the world that is now being created, no one is immune, from the millennial to the corporate refugee and the employed workforce. If I can help just one more person to believe in themselves and be proud of who they are, leading the life they want, then my life has been worthwhile.



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