The following list are some of the content and people I have referred to throughout my book, I want to honour these people and their knowledge.

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Some Chapters have many references to people and content, others only a few, it depends on whether I was reaching into the minds of experts and content or was working from my own awareness, experience, thoughts and beliefs.

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Chapter 1: Business is Personal

The  first chapter has introduced you to the reason I make this statement “Business is Persocal’. It also introduces you to think about your ‘what’ and to help you see the way forward as the ‘leader of the life and business you want to be“.

Mindy Gibbins Klien – The Thoughtful Leader 

Chapter 3: You are in exactly the right place in your life


Chapter 2: Being Broken is Personal


Chapter 4: Being alone, not lonely


Maslow and his book  Theory of Human Motivation Positive Surrender  Eckhart Tolle 

Chapter 5: Healing is Personal


Chapter 6: Emotional and Mental Health Is Personal


Chapter 7: Making time for change is personal


Chapter 8: Spiritual habit is personal


Chapter 9: Your physical wellbeing is personal


Chapter 10: The value you place on yourself is personal


Chapter 11: Skills are personal


Business Models

Selling Skills

Mike Southon the Beermat Entrepreneur

Jack Daly Hyper Sales Growth 

Alison Edger Secrets of Successful Sales 

IMA test to appreciate buyers characters

Build your Brand

Creating your online profile Know me, Like, Me Follow Me is on Amazon or free as a download on Penny’s website here

Nicole Cairncross The Business Factory Success

Chapter 12: Your future is personal


This is personal to you, use my website and my manifesto as a guide for your Manifesto for life



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