I was told by an experienced coach that I met that I was ‘uncoachable’. He clearly saw an independent streak in me that could and probably was one of my major weaknesses in business. I had my blinkers of with regard to asking for help and respecting the skills of others. It is one of my biggest regrets. As I share in my book, ‘independence is one of my overdone strengths’.

We expect to have an innate amount of resilience, skills and understanding of business that can only be achieved through real experience. Accelerating your learning and therefore your success by being coached by someone who identifies with you will support your ambitions and ensure you create the life and business you want to lead.

Since writing my book and reflecting on 20 years in business, I have now decided to formally provide Coaching. I provide real understanding of business, “real and raw”. The quote “to know and not to do, is not really to know” is so true in coaching, you want to be coached by someone who has walked the path you are treading.

I will provide coaching to match your financial position. It can be virtual on Skype/Zoom, or face to face. Please note that payment is critical as we must first understand and mutually respect one another’s money and energy, this is a critical start in the culture we bring to business.

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