I deeply believe that the future belongs to businesses that champion love, connection,
and significance, ensuring everyone feels valued and heard.

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Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Author and Keynote Speaker

Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Author and Keynote Speaker
with a passion to help companies and individuals tap into the power of love and connection in the digital age.

Penny has spoken at companies including BT, L’Oreal, Microsoft, Rolex, Salesforce and many more. In 2024 she was awarded an OBE from the Queen for ‘Services to Entrepreneurship in Social and Digital Development’ and wrote the Digital Business Britain Manifesto working with the Government.

In 1998 Penny founded the world’s first online business network ‘Ecademy’. supporting over 650,000 small business owners across 52 countries online and through over 5000 small intimate offline groups that met and supported each other closely.

In 2011 Penny Founded Digital Youth Academy (DYA), creating the now highly established, Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, DYA was sold to a National Training Provider in 2016.

Penny lives in Farnham with her business partner and husband, Thomas Power. They have 3 adult children. Together they run ‘BIP100’ a Community of Business Experts and she is a Keynote Speaker, sharing her message that ‘Business is Personal’.

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Penny, thank you so much for your inspiring talk last night at the Techworks 2019 Gala & Awards. I have had so much positive feedback it is incredible - your standing ovation was so well deserved. You touched the hearts of many CEO's and Business Owners and Professionals in the room by talking about your own experience and the empathy felt by so many in the room was outstanding. It was a true pleasure to meet you."
Alan Banks Techworks

Penny’s Signature Keynote

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‘Human touch in a digital world because
business is personal’

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Penny shares that the essence of business remains profoundly personal.

Her speech, ‘Human Touch in a Digital World: Because Business Is Personal,’ dives into the core of what makes businesses truly successful: love, connection, and significance.

Penny guides her audience through a captivating journey from the traditional roots of business to the modern rise of technology, highlighting the transition from genuine social conversations to mere social broadcasts.

This shift, she notes, has led us away from the art of meaningful dialogue. Revisiting our fundamental emotional needs, Penny stresses the importance of integrating these human elements back into the corporate sphere. Her message is clear: transformation begins with individual action.

Penny calls on every individual to become a catalyst for change within their organisations, championing a culture of curiosity, empathy and understanding. ‘Be the change you wish to see in your company,’ Penny urges, inviting her audience to join her in reshaping the future of business, one human connection at a time.

‘I seek to be highly relatable and find that far from being someone that has climbed mountains, crossed seas, won Olympic medals, I am a parent, a businessperson and I am just like everyone else, navigating a complex world and find a personal way to connect and achieve success.’

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“Just a quick email to say how excellent Penny was as our conference keynote speaker yesterday. Penny was a hit with our independent business owner members with her refreshing and emotionally charged talk enabling her to immediately engage with her audience who left energised to take on board her message that humanity in business is critical when we are all under pressure and overcome by the many challenges in both business and personal life. It is also so refreshing to have a speaker who, without hesitation, was willing to support our conference in other ways by both presenting our awards and giving a breakout session."
John, Sightcare

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…and in a digital age, technology can never replace the human heart