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Please find information to assist your decision. We are keen to ensure this is right for you.

What is a Mastermind?

First written about in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill in 1937, Masterminds have become a powerful way for Business Owners and Leaders to learn and grow. The following quote sums up the intention of a Mastermind.

“Mastermind groups help like-minded professionals get peer support, brainstorm ideas, and create accountability. They are typically goal-oriented and success-driven. Mastermind groups are also known as a personal board of directors or as an advisory board”.

A number of organisations run Masterminds, led by the personal values and intentions of the leader, they vary in price and execution. Many have a roll on, roll off approach, which means when someone leaves, another joins. Members can remain with the mastermind Group for as long as they want. Most tend to be focused on larger company challenges and are run in Company Board Rooms, often on a rotating basis between the members. Lunch is usually a buffet brought into the Board Room and a ‘working lunch’.


BIP100 dinner

What is a BIP100 Mastermind?

Our Masterminds are personal, and we desire a very open and caring attitude to one another. We believe you are the ‘Masters’ and experts of your area of business and through wisdom, experience, and graft, you have built up a wealth of primary and secondary skills. We run our Mastermind over 12 monthly sessions, with a group of 10 Masterminds and Thomas and me. We have a culture of coaching and mentoring as well as seeking out the right connections beyond the Mastermind, to help you achieve your definition of success.
Our ‘Masters’ will be diverse in terms of the size of company and challenges.

Our first month together will be to establish the understanding of each other and how you would like to benefit from the time together.

We are aware that we can all get in our own way of success and the Mastermind Sessions encourage open thinking and support, regardless of the challenge, whether work or personally related. Accountability and ensuring that we are all progressing and being heard is vital for the success of the group. Thomas and I have over 15 years’ experience in running Masterminds.

A key component of our Masterminds is the sense of contribution and joy in supporting others as well as the support you will receive.

BIP Masterminds also include the membership to BIP100, our online community of Business Owners and Experts, offering engagement and growth opportunities beyond the Mastermind days.

BIP100 dinner


We host our events at a high-quality restaurant at St Pancras Station, London. Searcy’s Brasserie and Champagne Bar reflects the respect we have for you and the desire we have for you to feel special and experience a day out of your business to celebrate yourself and others. All food and drinks are covered.

9.00am Coffee and pastries on arrival
9.30am Enter our Private Room
11.00am Coffee break for 15 minutes
1.00pm 2-course lunch with water only in the Main Restaurant
2.00pm Back in the Private Room
3.30pm Tea/coffee and biscuits
5.30pm Finish with a glass of champagne in the Champagne bar

BIP100 dinner
BIP100 dinner
BIP100 dinner


Our Masterminds are £12,000 plus VAT for the year, you will be invoiced for the Year and we will put a payment plan in place for monthly payments of £1000 plus VAT.

If you are already a BIP100 Member you will be invoiced £9,000 plus VAT with a monthly payment plan of £750.00 plus VAT.

Next Steps

If this information has inspired you to discover more, please complete this form and we will be in touch. We will ensure that we are right for you, understanding what life and business is like for you right now and discovering if we can help you grow and progress through our Mastermind. 

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