Welcome to the first step in growing a healthy business, I’m Penny.

As a founder, entrepreneur and speaker, I’m driven by the belief that business is personal.

As business owners, we bring our whole self into business. Whether we like it or not, we are judged on our energy, our attitude and the way we show up. I believe the impact of one’s physical and mental well-being cannot be separated by professional and personal life. In order for us to be entirely happy and fulfilled, we must ensure both are looked after.

Together with my husband Thomas, we have co-founded support networks online and offline for business leaders wanting to grow and develop alongside one another in a safe community.

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I first entered the online world in 1983, and have been keeping up with its constant shifting ever since. Fifteen years into my journey, I co-founded Ecademy, having recognised the power of online communities and the need for one aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs. Little did I know that over the next three decades, not only would I be following the advancements in technology, but how the advancements wreck havoc on our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

We sold Ecademy, and in 2014 I was awarded an OBE for my contribution to entrepreneurs in the social digital economy. This achievement was enormous, yet only three years later, I was struggling with my own direction and loss of control. I realised that I along with so many others was dealing with defining my place in the business world. There were new skills and a mindset I had to adopt to remain relevant and able to have the impact I wanted to have. The over-connection of the world and the compare and despair nature of social media had made me feel I was no longer enough.

I made the decision to challenge these feelings and my 35 years of experience, into building and developing support communities for those in the same position. From the private, subscription-based group, BIP100, to our open Facebook community. It’s been our mission to create online spaces for likeminded entrepreneurs, no matter their experience.

My Family in Crete in 2017

Thomas and I in Bali in Summer 2018

Gail Thomas, my Business Partner, and I

“Starting a business and looking after yourself is tough. With her wisdom and powerful personal stories, Penny shows you how.”

– Dr Ian Drever

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