Links to content/interviews I have delivered on podcasts, radio, guest blogs and YouTube



Below is a list of the Blogs and Podcasts, plus other Media that I would like to share to encourage the readership of other websites and communities that have asked me to write for them

Everywoman – Protecting your mental health while owning a small business…

Ben Lowrey – Interview

BBC News – Mental health in the news

The Carl Reader Show – Business doesn’t need to be complicated!

Kitty Talks – What makes YOU happy?

Marina Pearson – Joy of being!

Francine Beleyi – Meaningful work, meaningful life

Aren Due – Find your voice…

Sovereign Magazine – Interviewing me on my life, choices and thoughts around emotional and mental health in Business

Start Up Donut – my Blog on Mental Health Awareness day sharing my thoughts on ‘My Own Journey to better mental wellbeing”

Forbes – How to run a successful small business and protect your mental-health

DiversityQ – Big or small be mindful of good mental health wellbeing in the workplace

Chartered Management Institute The Shocking Flaw in your Mental Health Policy -Freelance workers do not feature

Talented Ladies Club How I overcame mental health difficulties in business

Venus Magazine – In conversation with Penny Power OBE sharing her lessons in Emotional and Mental wellbeing

Talk Business- Small Business Saturday Top tips on finding your own value as a small business owner

Talk RADIO Interview with Eamonn Holmes drive time show: 4:30pm, Monday 19th

Working Mums Why Business Owners need to take time to switch off at Christmas

We are the City Blog Building Emotional Resilience for 2019

Escape the Rat Race Podcast – sharing thoughts on employment and being a new entrepreneur – what is right for you?

Sam Talks Technology Radio – Radio Interview with sam Sethi and Thomas Power, talking Ecademy, Business and Tech, plus “Business is Personal”

BBC World Service ‘Business Matters” Radio Interview with Fergus Nicoll – sharing my ‘broken moment and the importance of kindness in business

Uplifting Content podcast with Ione Butler – lets talk the business highs and lows with Penny Power OBE

Video interview with Matt Haycox- Funding Guru 40 mins of open chat and sharing, life stuff and the reason I wrote Business is

 Small Business Big Stress – statistics (XERO study of 500 small business owners) and thoughts on Stress in the Small Business Sector

London Loves Business – Self care in Business

Sheerlux – How to improve your decision making

Podcast Interview with Influencers today – sharing the thoughts around influencing online and the need for real people and honest thinking

Eagle Radio Interview on podcast – my Accidental Entrepreneur – Mumpreneur world – the journey and the lessons

The Sandro Forte Podcast – Penny Power OBE – Bouncing Back



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