Penny, I look forward to your next book. I built my business on your concept. Know Like Follow and trust. You were ahead of your time.

I had no clue what I was doing back then. I think most of us was winging it. You gave many of us a structure. When you are creative that is very important

Kelly Chester - on Penny’s Know me, Like Me, Follow Me book

I just wanted to write you a brief mail to say how much I enjoyed your talk at Donnie’s event last Monday. I particularly thought your openness about the ups and downs of life as an entrepreneur and the mental health challenges was exemplary:

John Holland - on Penny’s Intrapreneur Talk

Thank you Penny – your words really resonated with me – they really made a huge impact at the right time – your journey, tips and advice are particularly helpful – especially the balance between Ego/Spirit points – and the management tools you offer- thank you !!

LR Bath Expo - on Penny’s Business is Personal talk

Penny it was truly a brilliant talk that touched me on so many levels – I found myself holding back tears as some of what you said really struck a chord. Thank you so much for that x

Lara Rathod - on Penny talk on being an Entrepreneur

Hi Penny, absolutely loved your talk yesterday, really resonated and helped me shift so much, thank you so much for sharing your powerful and beautiful message

Lia Sokhi - Penny’s talk on building your own brand

It was so great to hear about your journey. Thank you for inspiring us to keep packing each other’s parachute!

Beatrix ShmitdIt - on Penny’s talk on Community Building

Thank you Penny, for your huge contribution this evening.  So many of the Alumni Apprentices genuinely touched by your message and heartfelt sharing of how they can engage positively with their world.

Ben Pike - CEO QA training on Penny’s talk to Millennials

On behalf of the whole WorldLabs team, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for participating in the panel discussion and as a fantastic judge at the Elevating Ideas 2018 Conference last Saturday.

The chemistry was phenomenal, and so many people approached us to tell us how much they thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a very important day for WorldLabs, and it meant so much to us that you took part in our event and supported our mission to foster innovation.

It is hard for me to put it in words but your words of wisdom, your kindness and your empathy really spread a wave of positivity and warmth throughout the entire day.

Max Lehnus - CEO and Co-Founder of Worldlabs

Hello Penny

I have just heard your first answer in the panel discussion where you mentioned compare and despair. That was the feeling I was having when I read your bio and your first answer moved me to holding back tears.

I have just started on the road back to recovery after being cleaned out by ruthless people I teamed up with in a social impact startup and have been wondering if I should carry on as an entrepreneur or just try to get a salary. I had rewritten my profile and CV to suit a restricted view of me hiding my social enterprise and charity work. Getting a proper job at 56 after a business failure is not easy.

Now I feel a bit braver to be myself hearing you. I look back at my recent failures with despair but at the previous twenty years with gratitude and awe. But it’s the same bloke, me!

Thank you and good luck with the book.


Hi Penny! Thank you for your inspiring participation at WorldLabsEI!

I am on my way to becoming an entrepreneur; 20 years old and I face a lot of judgment and mistreatment from people I interact with. Yesterday during your talk it was so powerful to hear a strong woman like you speak about entrepreneurship, in particular, I was inspired by your acknowledgement of the emotional hardships that entrepreneurs face from a woman’s perspective.

My mom is a housewife; I am truly grateful for her work, love and attention that she gave me during my upbringing; however, I have never seen the perspective of a woman entrepreneur on challenges that need to be overcome.


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