Chapter 1: Business is Personal

The  first chapter has introduced you to the reason I make this statement “Business is Persocal’. It also introduces you to think about your ‘what’ and to help you see the way forward as the ‘leader of the life and business you want to be“.

Mindy Gibbins Klien – The Thoughtful Leader

Chapter 2: Being Broken is Personal

Kintsugi – ‘broken pieces….”

Open Random, Supportive –Thomas Power speaking about the attitude we need in the social digital world 

Lao Tzu – “to become whole”

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish – Steve Jobs 

Curse of the Strong Dr Tim Cantopher 

Dotcom crash – reported for history

Book written by Penny Power OBE in 2009 Know Me Like Me Follow Me

Manifesto for Digital Business Britain 

Penny Power OBE official announcement 

The Business Café – Founding Blog in October 2013 

Tracey Carr – www.goalshaper.com

Katie Piper Profile

Chapter 3: You are in exactly the right place in your life

Luke Johnson – Start it Up book when he refers to ambition as a curse

Chapter 4: Being alone, not lonely

Maslow and his book  Theory of Human

Motivation Positive Surrender  Eckhart Tolle

Loneliness Study – my poll on Facebook

Oprah Winfrey discusses validation 

iMA – Identify, Modify and Adapt – take the test to see what colour you are www.ima-power.com

5 languages of Love Questions – take the test and ask those people in your life that matter to you to take it too

Captain Charles Plumb ‘Packing your parachute

Chapter 5: Healing is Personal

Dr Anna Collins at the Farnham clinic “The Psychology Clinic”

Esher Grove Clinic ‘be the best you’

Scott Keyser – Heal through Writing

The Alcehmist 

Chapter 6: Emotional and Mental Health Is Personal

Ruby Wax TED talk on Stress (watch it all but she talks about this at 5minute 40 secs)

Ruth Paris Coaching on Call – helped me to understand Anger

Think and Grow Rich “faith” by Chris Bartell

Merlie Calvert Farillio shared her values

Lis Cashin –

Connected CommunicationTroll and your rights – the case of the

Trolls that received a 2-year sentance Chris Dudley The Coach Collective 

Chapter 7: Making time for change is personal

Roger Hamilton Flame and Wax Blog by Penny Power OBE

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

Kaizen Theory

Chapter 8: Spiritual habit is personal

Yoga with Cathy Richardson – Diversity Yoga

Michelle Galbraith Reiki and reflexology – Reflexology Farnham

Book on Gratitude Tuesdays with Morrie

Headspace Meditation App download

Calm Meditation and Sleep App 

Chapter 9: Your physical wellbeing is personal

Longevity with Tim Bean 

ADAA – (Anxiety Depression Association of America )

Suzanne O’Callaghan – Lifestyle Fitness

Blood testing service  Thriva.co 

Mintel report on Vitamin Industry  Sept 2016 

Chapter 10: The value you place on yourself is personal

 Overdone Strengths Elias H Porter  

Lenka Lutonska Sales Coach shared her experience of learning how to value herself

Chapter 11: Skills are personal


Business Models

Unscaled: How AI and a New Generation of Upstarts Are Creating the Economy of the Future     

POWERnomads – sharing the unscaled model for a global digital agency

Selling Skills

Mike Southon the Beermat Entrepreneur

Jack Daly Hyper Sales Growth 

Alison Edger Secrets of Successful Sales 

IMA test to appreciate buyers characters www.ima-power.com

Build your Brand

Creating your online profile Know me, Like, Me Follow Me is on Amazon or free as a download on Penny’s website here

Nicole Cairncross The Business Factory Success

Chapter 12: Your future is personal


This is personal to you, use my website and my manifesto as a guide for your Manifesto for life


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@2024 POWERnomads | All rights reserved | Designed by POWERnomads. | Privacy Policy

@2024 POWERnomads | All rights reserved
Designed by POWERnomads
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