are you ready to become the leader of your life and business?

I believe that business should be enjoyable and should reflect your professional and personal growth. I also strongly believe in kindness in business. Emotional support can make the most enormous difference to achieving business results. The starting point, is discovering your business health.

How can I help you?


Mastermind is a group that meets offline, for business owners looking for guidance and support in their performance and business growth. As a member of Mastermind, you will learn, grow, and develop your business from wherever you are at this time to where you seek to get to, through a series of expert-led sessions.


BIP100 is an exclusive community of up to 100 hand-picked, like-minded experts, all growing together and supporting one another in their lives and business. Each applicant joins the community with the goal to bring value and innovation to the others, and gain the same in return.


Meet Penny


I’m Penny Power, an entrepreneur, co-founder and trailblazer of establishing supportive communities for business owners.

I established myself in the digital world as the co-founder of Ecademy, the first social network for business people, created in 1998. It became a home for over 650,000 business owners who found a supportive community for professional and personal growth. In 2014, my ‘contribution to entrepreneurs in the social digital economy’ was recognised by the Queen with an OBE, and it is this passion for community and networking that has become my fundamental drive.

I recognised early during the rise of dot com that people would become isolated and disconnected from real, close relationships, it was this to drove me to build community. Now, more than ever before business loneliness is a real issue. It impacts drive, self belief, motivation and reduces the opportunity for real business exchange. Starting and growing your own business can be both tough and lonely, however, with the support of other likeminded individuals, you can thrive professionally and personally. This is why I now build small, private groups.

Currently, I’m continuing the journey of putting my effort and expertise into the building and development of these communities to create safe, understanding and beneficial environments for those who need it.

“I love to support driven business owners and celebrate their unique expertise. Providing them with connections, inspiration, new ideas, skills, new friends and love. Through this I witness their businesses grow and their happiness shine, seeing them lead the life and business they always wanted, but couldn’t quite see clearly enough.”

– Penny Power OBE

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OBE for Contribution to Social and Digital Development


Years of building business communities


Members of Ecademy, the first social network for business in the world


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Young people supported in Digital Youth Academy


700 people have taken our Business Health Check, rising at 100 per month


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Your dreams are waiting for you at the other side of your comfort zone

– Elizabeth McCravy


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