Life can never go in a straight line.

How many times have we heard that phrase, then shrugged and accepted it?

Trouble is we want it to. Deep down we would really prefer every day to be predictable, without any shocks, without feeling the loss of control of our time, emotions and life.

A line that has ups and downs needs so many resources inside us.

Faith, resilience, positivity, adaptivity, courage, creativity, energy, love, belief… the list is endless.

And we expect it of ourselves, and I truly believe we all have this in us.

But what about when we don’t? When we have a dark cloud that won’t shift. When we expect our resources to fire up and they just don’t.

That is the moment we start to over analyse, the negative voice starts to come out, we exaggerate everything in our head. We get that feeling in our temples that is like a tight vice holding us. Our stomach has adrenalin in it and aches.

We’ve all been there, and I was in that state for years and I didn’t realise it. I was running on empty, putting a smile on my face.

Going to bed exhausted, believing that tomorrow would be a better day.

Over time my trust diminished and I decide to lower my expectations, I lowered my faith and belief and I tried to protect myself by accepting less.

Limiting belief took over and I reduced my ambition and I thought, “I feel safe now”.

Then I did break. Because I had so many unresolved issues and pain inside me.

That breaking moment, yes, it could have been avoided, but I needed it. It was the making of me.

I “took back control and I put my pieces back together”.

The pieces were my belief, self-worth, love of myself and the ability to value myself in the business world again.

This is why I do a Mastermind Program and spend 12-months building and re-building amazing business people. This is now my greatest joy and it takes me a long time to find the right 12 people to work with, and when I do, oh boy, what a year we have.

I never imagined this is how I would spend my life, but when you put your pieces back together with you truly learn what makes you happy and you then start to “lead the life you truly want”.

It is there, inside you still – believe me!

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