This week I have spent time thinking closely at a subject that our daughter, Hannah Power, has taught us in detail, the lessons she has coached us on are about the type of people we want to attract into our business life.

She helped us understand the clarity we needed around the feeling we are left with when we spend time with them, and whether they are therefore the right people for our community, BIP100.

I thought I would pass on this wisdom and enable you to ponder this too, it is so beautiful to learn the choices we all have.

I have been aware of people and the energy they give for quite some time. Years ago, a Chairman from The Institute of Directors, talked about in a speech ‘people who are radiators or drains’. Sharing that some people warm you, and others drain you. We can all be aware of people like this, perhaps we are all aware of times when we have been draining, rather than energising.

Each of us have a choice. Do we want to attract energising, positive, loving people with open minds and a growth mindset, or do we unknowingly give out a negative, low energy, that repels the very people we need.

Time and time again, placed in the same environment, we have witnessed people say that they are gaining loads of business, and others, in the same environment saying they have found it hard to gain referrals or business themselves.

What is different?

Having spent over 20 years serving Business Owners through community, providing a high energy, growth and loving culture, We have been able to witness those that are successful and those that have a tough time finding business opportunities.

While I could say it is about the level of expertise they have, or the desirability of their offering, I am more confident that it is about the energy they give off. We all know the ‘Law of Attraction’, it is not rocket science, it is about the fact that high energy, positive, growth minded, open people, attract high energy, positive, growth minded, abundant people.

While low energy, closed, fixed minded people attract low energy, fixed minded people and together they get nowhere, and slowly decline to the point of desperation and adopt a scarcity mindset, one that blames everyone and everything, rather than taking responsibility for themselves.

In a company, low energy is masked behind the company brand, the systems and processes, low energy people can hide and still survive. However, the market we serve are individuals that succeed or fail based on their own energy, mindset and brand.

Our role as leaders of the community, is to create a culture that attracts high energy, loving, supportive people, and place them all in a community that encourages loving, supportive attitudes. Opportunities are discovered in abundance purely because they enjoy each other’s company and are inspired by one another, when you find someone that boosts your energy and matches your own, the desire to work together in any capacity is high.

So my ponder for you this week is this: What is your energy like, and what type of people are you hanging out with?

To learn more, take a look at THIS SLIDE, created by Hannah Power, utilising David Hawkins and his leading edge research on consciousness. When looking at it, think about the emotions you hold and perhaps the level you are at currently.

Ultimately, as you move up the scale, you will attract more people into your life like this, sometimes, we have trapped pain, and we are unconsciously showing anger, or fear. It is common in business to have some tough times; however, these are the moments we most need people, and the biggest danger is to isolate ourselves, spending less time with the right people and chasing transactions too harshly.

Let go of pushing, relax, love, have some fun, be around these types of people, and find positive energy, there is loads of it around and there is loads of business around too.

P.S. Please excuse the fact that ChatGPT gave me a man with low energy and a women with high energy, I spent a while creating an image and this was the best one, nothing meant by these choices.

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