New Year 2019 “be the leader of the life you want” in 2019

5 years ago, a business colleague of mine noticed how some of the major investors I was working with were dominating my decisions and controlling me. He had watched a documentary of happiness and advised me that the results of a global study on happiness showed that 10% was down to the achievement of things we want, 50% was about your personal constitution “are you naturally a happy person” and 40% was about the feeling of being in control of your life and decisions that impact it. I was definitely loosing 40% of my potential happiness. I had lost control.

As a people pleaser and a caring person, I then learned that one of my “overdone strengths” was to always put other people first. I always wanted harmony and calm. I would forget my own needs and beliefs, which, in business is a very dangerous thing.

We cannot always have harmony and we cannot always give in. When we believe strongly in something we have to stand our ground, we have to commit to what we believe in. We have to find courage and a level of assertive communication that perhaps is unnatural to some of us.

These two lessons in life for me formed a huge awakening for me in business. For years I called myself “An accidental entrepreneur”, driven my purpose, and having to learn how to lead a Business that can deliver that purpose. Many business owners I know have not done MBAs nor have they studied business before they launched their business, they have to learn the hard way while doing it. Much of my learning has been centred around practical business skills not around the emotional and mental aspects of who we are and how to manage the challenges we will inevitably face.

Resilience for example, is that about being tough? Is it about knowing how to hide emotions? Is it about putting our troubles in a draw and closing it and putting on a smile for the rest of the world. Is resilience about the brand we show on Instagram, the face we feel the world needs to see?

No, it is about deep understanding of our vulnerabilities, beliefs and making sure we have the strength to lead the life we want and how to protect ourselves from those who have their own agendas

I wish you a wonderful 2019. A year when we each lead our business and lives with the personal dreams and ambitions that we have and where we define what success means to us personally. This wonderfully connected world we now live in can also be over-connected. We follow the dreams and ambitions of others and make them our definition. We can feel we lack, just because we are not doing and being like others.

Make 2019 a year that you lead your way. The way that rewards your personal ambitions and dreams. Believe deeply in what you want. If you lost happiness in 2018, regain 40% back by being in control of the life you want.

Business is Personal as it is yours. Your life, it is uniquely you, and that is what makes it so very special to the rest of us.

Happy New Year my friends. Thank you for being there for me in 2018 – I hope to serve you well in 2019.

With love, Penny xx

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