The new feature of Newsletters within LinkedIn intrigues me so I am committing to writing one post a week, which will go to those who continue to want to hear my thoughts on being a business owner and the fact that ‘community’ means the world to me.

I believe that every business will have ‘community’ embedded into their business model, you might find this hard to believe,  but 20 years ago people struggled to believe it was possible to create friendships online and run a multi-million pound business from home.

You may have heard about community, but do you truly understand it?

I believe that building a community should be a fundamental part of

  • Your revenue strategy
  • Your marketing strategy,
  • Your innovation strategy
  • Your customer loyalty strategy
  • and the true living way to deliver your vision and values to your clients.
  • and I believe they should be paid, not free

We’re all told to start with why, show our passion, live and lead with our values and our why. I believe community is the manifestation for how you’ll deliver these things.

We are now going into an era of ‘Community-led business growth’.

Let me pose 3 questions to you?

  1. Why do we change our communication style as soon as we touch a keyboard?
  2. Why are we more connected than ever before in history, yet we are lonelier?
  3. How do we lock basic human needs into our customer, staff and stakeholder experience?

Because if we have learned anything over these past 2 years, it is that we are all human, and we have needs way beyond our financial ones

My thoughts on my Newsletter will build on these questions and beliefs, hopefully encouraging you to consider creating a ‘Community’, because if you are a ‘leader’, of a company, of a team, of a thought, then you are already a community leader in waiting, you just have not looked at it with this filter on.

I look forward to sharing more on this with you.


*This article first appeared on my LinkedIn newsletter

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