Are you in shock?

Good morning to my friends here in this group,

I thought I would share some thoughts on shock, are you feeling this?

It isn’t pleasant, and I know from over 30 conversations yesterday on the phone, Zoom and whatsapp, this is how so many are feeling.

I wanted to share my experience of shock, especially financial ones. I am very aware that so many people are in fear of their financial future and this is a terrifying feeling.

At the weekend, I counted up 11 moments of shock in my last 10 years.

Some were major financial trauma, it did result in losing our home, it did result in some major disruption to our lifestyle, it did result in finding a new path to happiness, and I can tell you, we survived, we are happy and everyone we loved was okay in the end.

We also had emotional shocks, two were the shock of hearing loved ones have terminal cancer. The other was the shock of a trauma in our family.

Shock is shock! It rocks you to the core and puts you in a spin. You feel it in your gut, head and muscles. You can’t even cry! Your head feels like it is in a vice.

Allow yourself time to absorb it. Don’t fight it for the first 3 days, it may take you a little longer, absorb, be with it. Feel it and get to a place of peace with your new norm.

Then, here is the amazing part. You will find within you the most incredible person you have ever been. You will emerge more powerful, more loving, more positive and more determined to survive that you ever knew you could be.

You will smile at others, you will love those around you, you will become creative, you will find inspiring solutions. You will access a type of happiness that comes from deep within, because you will feel the human spirit that is within us all.


Just relax, don’t plan too fast, don’t react too quickly. You will be okay. I know you will

Just breathe, keep trusting yourself and others that want to love and support you, lead yourself powerfully, see the future with your head up.

In my book my second chapter is called “Being Broken is Personal”, we all break in our own ways and we recover in our own way, just know you will, everything will be okay, it might be different, but it will be okay.

Sending love to you, if you are reading this, then we are connected, so I know my love will reach you, and I deeply know how you are feeling.

Penny xx

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