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Penny Ponders how to grow in the age of AI

This week, circumstances have made me ponder the fact that we can never stay still. It was catalysed by our increasing understanding of how to use AI in our small business. In my writing today, I want to inspire you to tap into people and conversations about AI. Do you have the right mindset for growth?

At our BIP100 lunch last week, Thomas shared that AI is about to become the biggest investment theme in the world. In 2023 alone, AI start-ups raised over $40 billion in funding.

So, if you reflect on 1998, the real start of a lot of noise about the digital age hitting  the ears of the small business world, stirring new entrepreneurs into action, ask yourself, what was your digital knowledge 26 years ago and look at you now, I bet you wonder how you could manage without those skills now. I also wonder if you have thought about the people that embraced new technology and concepts back then, and wonder if you could have embraced it better.

We are in growth times again, disruption, again, who will make it through and thrive?

Carol Dwek talks about the Growth Mindset we all need, “a belief that you can develop your skills and talents through hard work, the right strategies, and guidance from others”. I love the “guidance from others part”, sharing the journey and learning alongside inspiring people. Combine with ‘the growth mindset’ Thomas Power, husband and business partner, has spoken for 15 years about the need to be ORS and understand when being CSC damages your growth opportunities.

He said…

We need to be Open, not Closed

To accept the Random, and avoid being Selective

To be Supportive, not Controlling of outcomes.

You can listen to the moment this was said for the first time by Thomas HERE.

So if we all have a Growth Mindset and we all understand the value of being ORS, what difference would that make to our life and business?

I asked a group of clients over lunch these questions last week, members of BIP100 all reflect a mind that seeks to grow. A mind that is open to new things and new people. A mind that accepts random information and people to expand their awareness; and a mind that is supportive of others, not seeking to have only their own needs in satisfied.

Perhaps this week you can ponder these questions

1. How tuned in are you to the way the world is shifting toward AI

2. How well are using basic technology in the cloud, (aka – SaaS), to ensure you are productive and have time for new things and new conversations?

3. How well do you articulate your business, to attract the right opportunities and new thinking?

4. Are you open to conversations with people that, on first impression, are not the ‘right people’?

5. What are you doing to stay relevant in today’s economy?

6. When did you last review your business models and your method of delivery?

7. How do you inspire yourself with new ideas?

8. How much do you invest in new skills?

9. How often do you expand your mind and consider new possibilities?

10. How do you meet exciting new people with a growth mindset?

These ten questions challenge you to find time for growth, growth does not happen by standing still, sustaining your business, does not happen if you fail to keep up.

This week, perhaps ponder whether you have a Growth or Fixed Mindset (listen or read Carol Dwek’s book Mindset: Changing the Way You Think to Fulfil Your Potential, and also ponder on the ways you are stretching yourself, meeting new exciting people, and learning new skills. “The most adaptable survive”, a Darwin quote, and as technology grows faster and infiltrates our world at an increasing level in this age of AI, we all know that none of us can stand still, and Thomas and I are here to connect you and support you, along with so many amazing people we know.

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