My desire, my really deep desire, is for us all to be more open with one another. I have always been a really open person, so I do appreciate this is a personality trait and therefore not one that everyone will agree with.

My desire to be open has always come from a place of seeking to make others feel comfortable with me. Relationships are so important to me. I seek to build trust and I think being open is part of how we can trust others.

The world of social media seems to have polarised the way people behave. Some put forward a persona of “i am so brilliant, let me tell you how and why”, others share their real life. There is no doubt about it. Most of us can be affected emotionally by what we see on social media. It can make us feel empathetic; it can make us feel we lack. It can make us feel connected; it can make us feel isolated. Hannah Power, our daughter, told us that she was on a ‘low information diet’, she was choosing to follow and read content from those that helped her be a better human, a stronger person. She asked me why I didn’t block people that made me feel crap about myself. I had a hangover from the Ecademy days when I felt I had to unconditionally like and support all those who were in our community. I learned when I spent time with a psychologist last year that I failed in many ways to create ‘boundaries’, as a people pleaser and someone that has self worth issues, I always assumed I was the one in the wrong, or the one that had to adapt. Since accepting, acknowledging and understanding myself more, I have shifted many beliefs that limited me in life. I don’t mean held me back, I mean, limited my value to myself. So, why do I have a picture about the ‘Line of Normal’. Above being exceptional, below being Sub-Normal. it is because I am on a quest to help business people know that it is normal to have imposter issues, to fear, to feel we lack, to want to be like others. To see the success of others and wonder why we are not ‘like them’. If you know you are normal, then it is easier to be exceptional. In this fake world, let’s all build trust together here, be real with one another. I wrote a blog in 2001 on Ecademy called “Emotional Wealth – leads to Financial Wealth”, it was never truer than it is today. Don’t hold yourself back in any way with your feeling of being ‘not good enough’, I do it for 54 years, now I am happy with my level, it is personal to me, it is all I can be. 

If it is not enough for some, then perhaps those are the people that I don’t need in my life, our choice, our boundaries. Your choice! Your life ‘be the leader of your life and business’, as it is personal. 

Thomas and I are rebuilding community, this time on Facebook, we will share and care and we will help experts shine. We will have dinners and we hope some people will become ‘Masterminds’ through our program.

If this culture appeals to you, please do join us in our Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/pennyandthomas/

We hope to see you in there!

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