So, which person/mentor do you truly trust?

Penny Power business mentor

(A) This is me, a Penny Power – the winner, the shiny person who has a Number one selling book (fake) the OBE – (true) the founder of a global business (true), the Award Winner, the Entrepreneur who appears to always win (fake)


(B) This is me, Penny, the emotionally open person who has struggled through business, the person who has had to learn a lot through failure before understanding business, the hard worker who can’t stop trying, the person who has been broken and questioned herself and her abilities. The person who knows what business loneliness feels like. Penny, who knows the struggle of keeping the same roof over a family’s head. The survivor who can now win due to losing in the past.

We seek to trust and be trusted. So which person can you trust?

Our skills in life as truly defined by the journey we have, so why do so many seek to imply that it was easy!

It is not easy to build a business, it takes passion, focus, energy, tenacity and belief. It takes knowing great people, it takes a constant desire to learn and remain relevant. These things are not easy.
We should all seek the truth in others and seek to be around people who have quietened the ego inside that says “let me tell you how brilliant I am, so you believe it, as I don’t believe it of myself”.

Changing times, adversity and struggle, these result in great things, so we can all dial into that frequency now. It is what we all want, it is where fantastic innovation and growth of ourselves and our businesses happens.

Be courageous – be honest, find your self and find your truth so that you can truly rest inside and use all your energy to have impact, rather than use it to pretend. We all want to know you, not the you that you think we want.

We have our identity and we have our truth, don’t let your identity stop you from leading the life and business that brings the right people towards you. Only your truth can do that.

Plus, and finally, in the ecosystem of us hard working small business owners, does it serve each other when we say “it is easy”? We can say it is joyful, liberating – but easy! P-lease!!!

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