Do you notice the small wins in your business?

My goodness me, business owners are so hard on themselves…

I have done a lot of coaching this week, from the mature business that needs a check on its procedures and perhaps a boost to their mojo and self-belief, through to the start up.

The absolute common issue is how incredibly hard we all are on ourselves. If you were an employer, you would be in a tribunal with yourself!

So, Friday, can I suggest you start a new habit from Monday. I have been doing this for two years now and it is so helpful to my mental state and emotional end of my day.

I actually have a notebook! yes, all my processes and plans and To DO lists are on apps and very well digitised. BUT, each day, I open a diary that is a PAGE PER DAY and I spend 5 minutes writing a list of the things I am doing today and the things I must get done around the big things. So, all the small tasks that make up my business and personal life. I include my personal life as this is how I show up in my business life, ‘a whole person’. So, my family and domestic tasks are important and are part of my daily achievements. If my personal life fell apart so would my business one.

This is about managing my mental, emotional and physical self and also my soul (the spiritual needs for my soul to rest). So my Yoga, gym and occasional meditation gets added too (often that doesn’t achieve the tick) , but I keep adding it until I make the habit.

As my day progresses, new things come in, an article to write, a new client, opportunities to speak, and I add them to that day, or I nudge them onto another day if they are not priority for that day.

At the end of the day, my tasks all have ticks. You will see for yourself, usually at least 25 ticks. 20 small tasks and some big tasks that show me how much I am achieving. Not every day is a BIG win. But it is the little things that make up the whole.

Get into the habit of motivating and praising yourself. Notice how much you achieve, this will make such a difference to how you feel about yourself and is so especially emotionally healing when you are going through times when you feel you are stuck in gloop and are not moving forward, you will be, just give yourself time.


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