I am very aware that Founders and Entrepreneurs face a great deal of challenges around managing their mental health. I have, and I took too long to realise.

So many Business Owners I support speak of feelings of – overwhelm, loss of control over their choices, exhaustion, low moods, feeling anxious, intolerant towards family as too exhausted with work, the list goes on and on.

The impact of this on our business performance is measurable and profound, once we realise that it is ‘me that is the problem‘ we move forwards so powerfully and positively. Of course, we like to think that we just need to work harder, learn new skills, improve our lead generation, increase our productivity, but the realty is, we can’t, if we are already overwhelmed, low and frustrated.

Michael Freeman, psychiatrist and professor, looked at anxiety, depression and stress, so commonly felt by those striving to build their own business. His statistics on hi findings are exactly what I would imagine, “entrepreneurs are 50% more likely to suffer depression

I have become very entrenched in this agenda since having my own diagnosis and the realisation that I had been low and struggling for far too long, unaware that I was putting up with feeling less happy than I had once been. On the face of it, life was good, however, it can be patterns in our work and ways we mistreat ourselves that are an underlying set of emotions that can be damaging our business performance.

I have seen the impact that increasing self-worth, ridding ourselves of pain from the past and removing limiting beliefs that can build up can have on the way a business can be turned around.

Many Founders are not aware that they are not mentally fit, awareness of this can be a turning point. We define ourselves by our successes, this can take a massive toll on ourselves.

I have now dedicated myself to the business performance of fellow business owners, through our Masterminds and through personal coaching/mentoring. I have so much empathy and personal experience of business now, it is a thrilled to enable others to open up, in a trusted environment with people who leave their egos at the door and commit to improving and being in “control of the life and business they want”. 

Business is Personal, this is why I wrote my book, and it is time that we all allowed ourselves to personally care about the journey we are on and enjoy it.

If this triggers anything in you, please do get in touch with me via my contact form

P.S. I would like to thank Jonathan Kaufman for his article on Forbes that enabled me to learn about the study I mentioned above. May 8, 2019 Forbes, you can read his article HERE

P.P.S. My book is on Amazon – Kindle, Audio and print HERE

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