When I heard the subject of Mental Health being highlighted on TV and in the wider media I listened sympathetically. I was thrilled I didn’t have a Mental Health Challenge. 

What I failed to consider was my need to be mentally fit.

My greatest learning last year was that my ability to respect my mental needs and vulnerabilities. As a result of my experience I am very thrilled that I will be on BBC World News during their Mental Heath Awareness Week this month.

Our characters, personalities, values, experiences, memories and personal drive are complex. Overtime we build our strengths, we discover our boundaries  and some of us sadly create limiting beliefs.

In my book I wrote about the decision I took to step back last year and appraise my performance as a business person and look at what I needed to respect more about myself and what habits and beliefs I had collected along the way.

Resilience is not about how hard you can take the punches and jump back up. It is about knowing how to dodge the blows. Like the best boxer in the ring.

You can’t avoid disappointment all the time – but we can take it better and also create a life and business that we really want to live. When we have our own personal filter on what feels right to us we then shine and grow from a place of choice and control.

The strength we gain when we understand what mental fitness in business means. This is the greatest shift you can have in your business performance- without any doubt, I can say this from personal experience and also from witnessing the shifts in my mentoring and mastermind clients 

Self awareness and self care, these are the gold in your business. You have the skills, knowledge, drive and even the network – self understanding and courage to make the right choices for you could be the issue that you are missing that will really make the difference to your future success.

Spend time considering this, as someone said to me …

“Penny, you brush your teeth day and night so that you don’t loose your teeth, what  habits do you have so you don’t lose your mind?”


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