Stress is personal, your personal head f***

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Stress is personal, your personal head f***

There are high levels of busy-ness, high level of anxious moments and high levels of fear in all of us. From the corporate employee to the business owner, none of us are immune to moments of despair, big or small.
These moments become defining if they snowball, if we don’t regain control. I know those days when I start to gather up all the things that have gone wrong, I place them in the metaphoric ruck-sack in my back and the weight of the day gets heavier and heavier.

This week I have 3 speeches, a combination of a Bank, a Business Network, a keynote at a technology Awards Ceremony, and while I bespoke to the audience, the one thing we all have in common is that we have human emotions and triggers.

In my book I share a great deal about this part of our business existence, below is an excerpt from page 44, Chapter 2 “being Broken”.

Perhaps this short excerpt can help you if today feels like ‘one of those days’


Stress is the aspect of business we all seek to avoid. It is physical, and you will feel it in your heart, your stomach, even in your muscles. Later, in the chapter Physical Wellbeing is Personal, I share the chemical reaction that happens.

It is important to know that some stress is good stress. I also know that we have to accept it as part of life. We all react differently – stress is personal. I know I react in a different way from Thomas. We both respect and give space to the way we deal with stress. For me, shock and change will impact me for about three days. I can timeline it and know that I will get used to the new norm, and I will accept it as part of life, because that is exactly what it is.
When a blow comes, I retreat for a day, go quiet, allow myself to be frustrated. I call this period a Head F***, which Thomas and I always laugh about.

Business plays with your head. Just when you feel you are coasting along, it will tell you to get back into the stormy waters. On that day, I know I need to put on my life jacket and ensure I have the strength in my mind and body to navigate what is to come. When I wake the next day, I am ready to sail again. What I love about the stormy waters is that I am at my best: I am creative, I am strong and I am powerful. I find an inner positivity that shocks me. Nothing will break me again – I know what that feels like.

Then happiness returns as I am back at the top of a wave with oxygen to breathe. I see a horizon and I’m finding a way to reach it again.


—- I hope this excerpt has given you some things to reflect on, in my Group on Facebook, I share a great deal about these emotional thoughts, please join me, also, keep in touch with me, send me an email on penny@pennypower.co.uk if you would like to be added to my Newsletter and hopefully, I can make you stronger for your business, as I truly believe that a strong mind creates a strong business.

Exerpt from Business is Personal, available on Amazon in audio, ebook and print:

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