Trust in the world of business

I speak to a lot of people about the fact they have lost trust in others. I know this feeling well, moments of being let down, people cancelling meetings just before you are due to walk through a door after traveling by train to meet them, people using your content and passing it off as theirs. There are so many small, but significant ways that we close our world down and stop trusting.

Let’s face it, we do live in a fast paced world and also one that exposes integrity in others.My mum always said to me “Penny (imagine a Scottish accent), never drop your standards to those of others around you”. Mum, I never have, I know my values and I know what is really important to me.

In my book, I wrote about trust and my discoveries around the fact that in loosing trust in others, I lost trust in myself, perhaps these words my trigger some thoughts for you.

Page 119, Chapter 6 “Emotional and Mental Health is Personal”

When trust returns, so does faith, one of the three pillars of living: faith, hope and love. To trust people and your future provides the gateway for your ambitions and your happiness. I think if trust exists, you can open yourself up to the world, take risks and have the energy and the resilience we all seek. I have always been a very trusting person. I rarely do any due diligence on people, believing their values will be the same as mine. Integrity and trust are high on my list of values.

At a networking meeting, I opened up the floor to talk about loneliness in business. I wanted the attendees to share with me the cause and effect of loneliness in a business context. People shared the root of this around high levels of independence, fear of vulnerability, lack of skills in networking, access to people if working remotely, culture and character traits. All excellent input. Then a wise man, waiting for his moment, said: “Trust… when you lose trust in yourself and in others.”

His words went through me like a knife. I discovered at that very moment that I had lost the trust I once had and while I thought this would protect me, it had isolated me and stopped me from believing in people and outcomes. It also took away my faith.

—- I hope this excerpt has given you some things to reflect on, in my Group on Facebook, (https://www.facebook.com/groups/pennyandthomas/) I share a great deal about these emotional thoughts, please join me, also, keep in touch with me, send me an email on penny@pennypower.co.uk if you would like to be added to my Newsletter and hopefully, I can make you stronger for your business, as I truly believe that a strong mind creates a strong business.

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