I wanted to share some seriously powerful thoughts I have had during my mentoring of amazing business owners recently

“There is nothing wrong with you.

The absolute number one feeling I get is the lack of confidence in people who have taken the huge step to own their destiny and take charge of their future by being a business owner.

Self worth and confidence in yourself is so critical. I write about this in my new book as it has been my own journey to my personal definition of success.

So however you feel, whether business is tough and feels like such a climb, know that you are a skilled person and all that might be missing is self belief and the mindset to be successful 

This all sounds a bit fluffy, but believe me through this…

I have interviewed over 85 people for my first Mastermind Group and the Skills people are have extraordinary. What they lack is the belief in themselves and it shows up like this

  1. They give too much away
  2. They do not charge enough for their time
  3. They do not look after themselves so they are tired and feel battered
  4. They don’t take a step back and look at the business with calm eyes. 
  5. They do not invest in their business with the right people around them to make them stay in their skills, the number one thing that their business is all about.

So this weekend, try to let go of whether you lack or whether you are good enough. I can almost guarantee you are. If something is missing, it may be what I had to go through, self-awareness and discovery and the growth of your own self-worth.

Sending you loads of love and if this does trigger an emotion in you, I am very happy to connect privately – I know some amazing people that can help you, which is can now say included me.

That statement alone has taken a hell of a lot of work to say. I hope you think through the 5 points above and if you feel they resonate, take some time to consider what help you need, I suggest, like me, you have a Coach, even mentors and coaches need a coach

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P.S. My book is on Amazon – Kindle, Audio and print HERE

P.P.S You can also order it on my website, I will personally send it and can sign a copy for you or your friend if you wish, I will be in touch if you order this way, click HERE for my order page, I will nudge you when it comes out


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